who bring you an experience of what it is like

You can’t have a prohibition party without a cast of characters, and our atmospheric are sure to send you back to parlors of 1920’s America.


Say hello to the bad guys. Equipped with tommy guns and fedoras, our gangsters would give even the most power political boss a run for his money.


Bobbed hair, liberated skirts, and a whole lot of sass. Our flappers are a must have for any prohibition party.

Police Bobby

Decked out in only the most authentic police garb, business always picks up when Johnny Law comes to town. Billy clubs and all.


The Roaring 20’s were a time a change. Liberation and free expression captivated the nation, and protesters took to the streets to make their case heard. Our picketers not only bring their own signs, but they also add yet another dimension to you authentic 1920’s feel.

Cigarette Girls

These aren’t your typical cigarette girls. They’re the life of the party, your point of contact for a quick joke to go along with their full-service charm.


Looking to add a touch of class to your soiree? Our butlers off that extra ounce of sophistication to your prohibition party.

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